Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program,

Mar. 23           7:30 PM          Early Bird Party          McLeod Residence,
end of Kirk Road

To get to Kirk Road, one goes east across the Walnut river on East Madison, you take the left (N) at the top of the hill which is Crestwood  and the first left (W) after crossing a little bridge over ‘Battle Creek’ is Kirk rd on the left.  The party is south of the circular drive at the end of the road.  Easy to see on Google Earth.

Mar. 24           8:30-12:00      Presentations              Wright Room, Brown Center

                                                                                    (NE corner, 3rd and Washington)
see the campus map

                        1:30-5:00        Presentations             Wright Room, Brown Center

                        6 pm                Etzanoa Night            Burford Theatre  118 S Summit
                                                                                     see flyer page tickets available


Saturday, March 25

9:00-11:00       Tour of Etzanoa

            Meet at the Land Rush Museum, south Highway 77 (across the gridnge, top of the hill,  right (west) side.  We will visit the museum briefly, then go to Camp Quaker Haven, the  battlefield,  the rock art, the House property, the Country Club, and the Lake Louise area.

            This covers about half of the portion of Etzanoa on the east side of the river.

Natural Bridge on Battle Creek